This testimonial is from the incredible woman who trained me and I believe is a powerful testimony.

From the moment I met Rachel, I was struck by an intensity of presence that mirrors my own. Rachel went through my training at that time and had a profound experience in so many ways, though initially she had no real idea why she was in the training.

I felt moved by Rachel's depth and what she brought through in the training, in terms of raw emotion, insights and intuition. She not only experienced deep healing, however, she also easily and naturally embodied the tools and skills I was teaching, and especially the presence of a facilitator.

Shortly after the training, my own intuition told me I needed to connect with her and ask her if in some way she would be willing to collaborate. We both had chills and tears and in that moment I knew I had a Soul Sister in her, as well as someone immensely capable of collaborating with.

Since then, she has helped me uplevel the manual, has assisted me in trainings and I feel like we are totally in sync. Above all, as we continue to work together and she shares with me the work that she is doing in Montana, I have no doubt that her clients are getting the best of the best.

Rachel is truly gifted in not only her intuitive abilities, people skills, but also her professionalism and above all her compassion. I am amazed at how quickly and authentically she has stepped into the role of a wise and skilled guide.

Gwen Payne
Gwen Payne

General Testimonials

I have had the opportunity to attend a few breath work sessions with Rachel. It has been an incredible experience. The way she sets up the class allows me to relax into the session and get the most out of it. There is no judgment, just love. Breath work is an incredible tool for healing. I am anxious to work with Rachel more and learn about all the incredible benefits breath work offers.

Cindy S

Rachel is by far one of the best facilitators I’ve come across. Her humility, her openness and genuine love is translated into her facilitation style. I love that she speaks openly about her own struggles and is so relatable. She’s done this many lifetimes I have no doubts about it. Breathwork can be a really vulnerable experience and I was nervous but she makes it safe and sacred. I’m not sure how she does it but it’s been one of the most heart opening experiences of my life. Everything has changed in the best possible way for me.

Marianne G.

After hearing rave reviews about Rachel Dehler-Johnson, I bit the bullet and decided to work with her. This decision was hands down perhaps one of the best ones I've ever made. What Rachel offered me in the time we spent together was nothing short of life changing. I don't say that lightly. I was struggling with doubt and confusion…..Rachel gave me exactly what I needed, even though I didn't realize at the time what that was. My hope and faith had returned and my heart swelled five sizes. This woman has the most exceptional gifts I have ever witnessed. She is a force of love that will help take you higher. Don't miss out on any chance you have to work with her.

Dr. Jenev Caddell

Breathwork Testimonials

One day, I accidentally stumbled upon Rachel’s class, and it felt like it was kismet. I had been looking for an additional resource to support my physical and emotional healing journey, and Rachel’s breathwork class was the missing piece. After one session, I felt more grounded, clear-headed, and focused. My stress levels were lower, and I had increased lung capacity. Needless to say, I was hooked after that, and I continue these sessions as it supports my overall well-being. Rachel is an incredible guide and support and is warm, welcoming, and accepting. She brings her full and authentic self and is an absolutely wonderful person. If you are hesitant to try breathwork, don’t be. This breathwork will change your life.

Maureen Brakke

Breathwork with Rachel is life changing! She creates such a safe space and walks you through it in such a way that you can be as vulnerable as you’ll allow yourself to be. She is with you and encourages while allowing your process to unfold as it needs to. I have tried many healing modalities but breathwork with Rachel is the one that has been most influential in my becoming more myself and it truly is because of the space she creates and the safety she provides. I will be forever grateful!

Erinn Overby

Breathwork has been a life changing tool for me in such a powerful way. Rachel provides such a beautifully safe space to be vulnerable and she so gratefully guides with her incredible intuition to find exactly what the journey was meant for me to discover. I look forward to how every session brings out something different and profound.

Lisa Oppegaard

Had a breath work session with Rachel with my husband, son and his girlfriend. It was an experience. Rachel is so awesome. She’s very kind, very sensitive and accommodating. She has a very soothing voice which is perfect while she’s guiding you through out the session. She explained everything of what to expect before we started which is helpful. I never thought one can experience something like that just by breathing. My son was in tears after the 45 mins of breath work and released something he’s held since he was a child. Which doesn’t feel like it was. Rachel did a great job guiding us. We will definitely do it again.

De Guzman Yang

Rachel’s breathwork sessions provide a nurturing space that allows one to feel completely held and supported without judgement. No matter what journey in life you are on, Rachel will be able to respond to your needs during a session with unparalleled love. She gives the prompts in breathwork to accelerate your experience and allow you to relax in a safe space to release trauma and emotions. My breathwork sessions with Rachel have been some of the most beautiful and healing experiences.

Carly Evans

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