I will always seek to maintain the highest quality and integrity in my work.

If I am a practicing breath worker, I commit to continually furthering my understanding and education.

I commit to receiving treatments from other facilitators while I am seeing clients.

I respect the dignity of all people.

I commit to interact with clients in a truthful, courteous, considerate and compassionate manner, knowing I am not the instrument of their healing, but the facilitator.

I will practice within the limits of my competence, and refer my client to another facilitator if I feel it to be in their best interest.

I commit to respect the privacy of clients and preserve the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of their work.

I recognize and respect diversity among people, including philosophies of health and wellbeing, and oppose discrimination and judgmental behavior.

I commit to practice only when in sound condition and not when impaired by emotional issues, illness, alcohol, drugs or for any other reason.

I will always treat my clients fair and justly, and will never seek to gain sexual, emotional or financial advantage. If I feel there is sexual charge, I will refer them to another facilitator


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