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Technically speaking Breathwork is a form a meditation. While they’re both known for their transformative and healing aspects, meditation is centered around relaxation and peace and in certain aspects it is more limiting. Breathwork pushes your emotional barriers and energetic edges.

Individual session


10 pack individual sessions $1,000


Couple's session


Transformative sessions for you and your plus one


Group sessions

3 person group: $65 / person
4 person group: $55 / person
5 person group: $45 / person
6 person group: $35 / person
7-10 person group: $30 / person

In order to maintain the integrity and sacredness of the practice, and in alignment with my mission to provide sustained presence, unconditional acceptance, and unwavering support, I do not currently provide group sessions for more than 10.


Become A Breathwork Facilitator

Looking for a transformative practice and to be of service? Look no further than Breathwork. This powerful practice is quickly gaining momentum, and for good reason. Breathwork is a transformative experience that truly works for everyone. If you're interested in becoming a Breathwork facilitator, our hands-on training program will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to successfully build yourself as a confident and highly-coveted facilitator.


My Breathwork Sessions Are Transformative

Technically speaking Breathwork is a form a meditation. While they’re both known for their transformative and healing aspects, meditation is centered around relaxation and peace and in certain aspects it is more limiting. Breathwork pushes your emotional barriers and energetic edges.

The type of facilitation I provide allows for complete openness without pushing an agenda on the experience.

During a session, you will be breathing in a conscious, connected way through an open mouth, for a predetermined time of 30-60 minutes while lying on your back and listening to music.

I provide everything, including eye masks. I recommend wearing comfortable clothes, showing up well hydrated, and not eating anything super filling beforehand.

Each playlist is intuitively designed to bring to the surface whatever wants to be acknowledged, felt, known, remembered within you, revealed, and possibly released.

Breathwork allows us to reach non-ordinary states of consciousness often compared to the use of psychedelics.

I'll Guide You To A Journey Through Breath


The introduction includes learning about the breath used, exploring the possible physical, mental, and emotional probabilities your may encounter, and providing tools and tips to get the most from your experience


Once you’re situated on your mat, the actual breathwork session consists of lying on a mat wearing an eye mask while listening and breathing to a consciously curated playlist designed to activate what is most needing to be seen, felt, experienced, and possibly released. I will provide the grounding tool’s necessary before and after to assist you in this process.


Integration is a process through which we understand the total meaning and value of everything that has happened and it is an important part of the conscious connected breathwork practice. It helps anchor, integrate, and solidify the collective connection. Integration often continues for hours or days after a session.

After hearing rave reviews about Rachel Dehler-Johnson, I bit the bullet and decided to work with her. This decision was hands down perhaps one of the best ones I've ever made. What Rachel offered me in the time we spent together was nothing short of life changing. I don't say that lightly. I was struggling with doubt and confusion…..Rachel gave me exactly what I needed, even though I didn't realize at the time what that was. My hope and faith had returned and my heart swelled five sizes. This woman has the most exceptional gifts I have ever witnessed. She is a force of love that will help take you higher. Don't miss out on any chance you have to work with her.

Dr Jenev Caddell
Dr. Jenev Caddell

I Volunteer Group Sessions For Those In Recovery

In alignment with my mission to provide evolution and expansion within the mental health community, and as part of my own recovery process, I consciously choose to volunteer a portion of my time to offering free group sessions to those in recovery and the practitioners assisting those in recovery. Please contact me directly to set up a consultation.


Year Long Intensive

This course is a consciously created compass designed for reclaiming fragmented pieces of yourself, intuitively transforming them, and experiencing liberation once deemed unreachable.

The year long intensive is an exclusive and intimate journey with you and 6 others. It is only available to 14 people each year due to the depth, personal transformation, and sacredness of the experience and only recommended those willing and ready to commit to radical transformation and growth.

It consists of 12 group sessions, 12 individual sessions, and a handcrafted journal, manual, and compass to aide in self- discovery and transformation.

Launching this fall, the exact dates are not confirmed. The first group is almost filled but please reach out for a free consultation if you’re interesting in this life altering course designed to spotlight your own inner guru.


What is the type of Breathwork you use to facilitate?

The breath used is an open-mouthed deep inhale and free exhale with the entire experience centered around surrendering, allowing, andopening up to a greater intelligence without judgment. It is most closely associated with the rebirthing method. The concept is to inhale fully, breathing from the belly up into the chest. Then, without forcing it, exhaling fully with no pause between breaths.Keep in mind a gentler version can be practiced by breathing in and out through the nose.I’ve studied many types of Breathwork and I have found this circular breath to be the most transformative for two reasons:1) It’s the breath in its purest form and most closely linked to the breath we automatically exhibit. There is no forcing, no holding, no control which allows more space for having the experience most necessary for the highest evolution of your own unique life path.  It allows for surrender, flow, opening, and expansion at a pace divinely orchestrated for the client. 2) Many of the Breathwork modalities today are nothing more than an experiment and are more masculine in the sense they’re designed to force a cathartic or primal reaction. From fire breathing to holding your breath, there is still control and a forced surrendering in a sense. Similar to yoga and the original origin, breathwork has as many offspring as the roots of yoga do. Because breathwork is about becoming your own guru and trusting yourself fully,  it’s critical for me to facilitate using a breath that exemplifies the importance and integrity of this.

What is the difference between Breathwork and Meditation?

Technically speaking Breathwork is a form a meditation. They’re both known for their transformative and healing aspects. Meditation is more focused on relaxation and peace. Yes this can be transformative, but in certain aspects it is more limiting. Breathwork pushes your emotional barriers and energetic edges.

And if you’re neurodivergent like myself, it gives you something to focus on. :)

Is Breathwork Safe for Everyone?

In general, Breathwork is a perfectly safe with limited risks. It’s been scientifically proven to offer a wide range of benefits for both physical and mental health, and because of its fast growing popularity, it has even been recommended by medical professionals.

Breathwork can affect some medical conditions and it can also be a stronger experience for people with certain mental health conditions. If you have any of the below medical conditions, checking with your doctor first is a recommended:

- Aneurysms
- Asthma
- Cardiovascular disease and/or irregularities, including prior heart attack
- Detached Retina
- Epilepsy
- Glaucoma
- High Blood Pressure that is not controlled with medication
- History of strokes or seizures
- Osteoporosis
- Pregnancy
- Prescription blood thinning/anti-clotting medications such as Coumadin

For the following mental health diagnosis list. it’s important to reach out and schedule a free consultation with me and speak with your doctor to determine if breathwork is a stepping stone for you. I’m also available to do a free 15-20 minute session so we can get a feel for how you respond.

- Bipolar disorder or schizophrenia (diagnosis by a health professional)
- Hospitalization for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis in the past 10 years, like an attempted suicide or nervous breakdown
- Any other medical, psychiatric or physical conditions which would impair or affect ability to engage in activities involving intense physical and/or emotional release.

Visit for more detailed information.

What do I need to bring to my session?

The most important thing you can bring to your session is an open mind and heart along with a willingness to trust the process.

I provide everything else, including the mat setup, blankets, bolsters. and eye masks.

I recommend wearing comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing, layers if you tend to run cold, and eating only a light meal if you do eat in the hours leading to your session.

Hydration is important, especially afterwards, so feel free to bring water.

I can’t seem to shut my mind off. What if this doesn’t work for me?

Good news. Breathwork works for everyone. Every time. Pinky swear. My neurodivergence brain held these same narratives. It’s why I love breathwork. There’s always something to focus on.


1. Keep Breathing Whatever the experience is, keep leaning into the breath. Just keep the breath going; keep yourself open. When you keep your breath flowing and keep yourself open, you’ll notice how quickly and easily both emotions and sensations can move through you.

2. Keep Trusting you will be guided exactly where you need to go. Just know that whatever you experience is what you most need to notice about yourself, to be with. It’s always perfectly orchestrated by that vast field of intelligence, within and without. No hierarchy of experiences. This is all about learning how to be with ourselves.

3. Know you fully supported and I am fully available.Good news. Breathwork works for everyone. Every time. Pinky swear. My neurodivergence brain held these same narratives. It’s why I love breathwork. There’s always something to focus on.

What can I expect after a breathwork session? And what should I do for self care?

Your insights, clarity, and ability to be a wise observer within your own life will most likely be enhanced. Allow yourself to flow with the new synchronicities and make space for your process to unfold. Oftentimes the journey and it’s teachings will continue for a good portion of time after the actual journey.

Similar to the uniqueness of each journey, self-care after breathwork is based on bio-individuality. It’s important to honor your needs. As long as you’re listening to your needs this will look different for everyone.

Breathwork journeys can be freeing, but also highly stimulating leaving you feeling more sensitive, open, and vulnerable.

You may prefer to be alone while others might feel called to process deeper with a trusted friend or family member.

Rest and hydration is essential. Avoiding alcohol if possible and having nourishing food on hand is also recommended.

Some people enjoy epson salt baths, while others feel called to hike, take a yoga class, dance, or be in nature. One person may enjoy journaling by candlelight while another may throw on a good comedy to lighten the day.

Showing up for yourself in a session is profound. What you’ve chosen to dive into is brave and vital. It can feel powerful, but it’s bigger than you can fully internalize.

Be kind and loving to yourself. That's the key.

Are you trained and certified?

I was trained and certified by Gwen Payne who lives in Sedona, Arizona. She took everything she knew could transform valuable internalized knowledge into conscious action and created a training program unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I spent a week in Sedona under her wing, followed by 3 months of intensive follow-ups.

Ripe with over 20 years of breathwork training and facilitation experience, her unique, science-backed approach to facilitating was born from the motivation of providing others with what she wish was available to her during her years of being a student.

I consider her an alchemist or sorts—able to take all the most powerful pieces from her decades of learning and dilute them into the most impactful method of facilitation I’ve come across.

Her entire philosophy is centered around how breathwork becomes the medicine we now get to take with us and work with on a conscious level. After all, the breath is our steady ally, the only thing we can control, and always ready to take us home to ourselves.

After completing my certification, I flew back to Sedona months later to help her train new facilitators which allowed me internalize the sacredness of this practice even more.

I continue to educate myself, practice breathwork myself, and evolve my own practice and knowledge to better serve my clients.

After all, you can only take people as far and deep as you’ve gone yourself. If you’ve been to hell and back more than once, I see you. And I can be you’re soft spot to land as you learn to be your own safe haven.

Is it smart to do this type of work with a partner, friend, or family member?

It’s brilliant actually. Next level IQ type of genius.

In couple’s or group sessions, you’re essentially creating a unified prayer field. What talk therapy cannot access, the breath can.

I’ve witnessed many couples and groups have a profound shift from one session. It’s the deepest and most impactful way to connect in my opinion.

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This ancient healing modality works for everyone, every time, the first time.

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