A Sacred and Intimate Way to Be of Service

The benefits and practice itself are quickly gaining momentum yet the world-wide market is largely untapped. Because of this, Breathwork facilitator’s are urgently needed in today’s fast-paced world.

As humans, we are embedded with an innate desire to be our own teachers and healers. We all have the itch to fulfill the highest, most truthful expression of ourselves. This yearning is often capitalized on by an overly-saturated market of all-knowing gurus, well meaning life coaches, and self-help programs promoting the illusion of a quick fix.

While talk therapy, hypnotherapy, and every other healing modality out there hold benefits, often times they’re contingent on the client and they don’t work for everyone. That’s the beauty of Breathwork. It works. For everyone. Stubborn skeptics often become vocal ambassadors.

The beauty of Breathwork is that its effects are not only transformative for the long term, but profound immediately. The repetitious, conscious and connected breath allows for navigating the seasons of existence without blinders or preconceived notions.

With Breathwork, the client becomes their own guru by unraveling the labyrinth of Self and reclaiming their power through their own internal compass, breath by breath. Eclipsing the act of doing with the art of being, carrying no agenda, and providing authentic empowerment from the inside out, the undeniable befits of this primitive practice are truly immeasurable.

As facilitators, we become the bridge. Our job is to be wholly anchored in ourselves—bearing witness as our client becomes their own spiritual archeologist. Their own breath becomes the portal for intimate self-awareness, bottomless insight, and radicaltransformation.
We create the cocoon for each impeding metamorphoses.

Breathwork allows the human mind to transcend a normal state of consciousness, energetic blocks, deep-seated trauma, and untapped feelings are more readily excavated. Emotions surface that have never been heard. To give a voice to what was silenced is healing in itself. To have these experiences held in such reverence by another, is powerful beyond measure.
Much more than mindfully creating playlists and guiding people on how to breathe, if you’re truly called to this work, a hands-on course is needed.

Because breathing is an automatic process for most of us, the relevance surrounding its healing power is easily overlooked. The outwardly seeming simplicity of the breath is why many people don’t understand the intricacies of what being a facilitator entails.
Alongside my original trainer, Gwen and I will be hosting exclusive trainings based on her original training modality which is hands down the most impactful way of teaching I’ve ever seen.

They are designed to guide you in embodying your own intuition and authentic expression while removing your own subconscious blocks. You will also be provided with comprehensive knowledge of the human nervous system, trauma, breathing physiology, and the psychological intricacies of Breathwork. This training encompasses the spectrum of critical skills needed to successfully build yourself as a confident and highly-coveted facilitator.

This work is sacred. It’s intimate. It’s holy. To hold the container for the inner world of another is a profound honor calling for unparalleled awareness, skillful execution, deep compassion, and an authentic commitment to be of service in the most vulnerable way.
If you’re interested in becoming a facilitator please reach out to myself or visit Gwen’s page to get a deeper sense of what is provided.

Become a BREATHWORK FAcilitator
Rachel Dehler
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